Fun activities for you child to do over the summer

There are a lot of things and activities that can be done in the summer. Usually the summer time is the period when we get a lot of time to prepare and sort out a little bit of work. If in the time the child learns something that is good and creative then it will be a great idea.

The time will be utilised to do something good and nice and the time will not be wasted on useless stuffs. Some ideas are there that can be implemented. The summer time can be experienced very nicely and in a fun way by the children’s. The children’s can also learn a lot from the summer schools that are present. The children’s can improve themselves in various fields.

Drama summer school

There are a lot of ideas that can be implemented in the summer season in a various ways. Drama summer schools are there in various places which is a very good option for your children’s. The drama summer schools are really good for the children’s who are interested in acting and learning how to act and involve themselves in the art. The child can easily utilize the time and learned something that will be really very good and worth knowing. The children’s who are not interested in dramas can also join various other schools which are also very good.

Dance schools

The main motive in the summer time should be of learning the new things and art forms. Dance summer schools are also their and some workshops are also available in the summer time which is also very good. The summer schools can be really very beneficial to let the talent grow within the children. Also let the child enjoy a bit in the summer season.

Music schools

Many children’s are interested in dancing while some are interested in dancing while some are really interested in music. Various music workshops and piano lessons in london that are also available in the summer time which is really very good for the children. Due to this period of time the students can really understand their talent and work on them. Some talents are inborn while some are to be searched for. Some drawing workshops also take place during the summer time which will be very good for the children. The children’s can only focus on a single item or else they can also learn various forms in the summer time.

The Ultimate Survival Kit

Some people just love survivalism, and in order to be the best at it, they need to know that they have the best gear and kit with them. The list of items you need to take with you on your survival trip is quite long, and there is a good chance that you might miss something; that is why we have decided to give you a full list, and you’ll just need to go through it and figure out what you have and don’t have, and what you’ve packed and what you are yet to pack.

Firstly, let’s start with the survival tools you’ll need in order to survive in the wild. These are the tools you must have, and with them, you can make or fix your shelter, gather wood for fire, or even fight off some wildlife.

These tools include knives, and make sure you get a top rated pocket knife, a machete, and a fixed-blade knife. Also, these include illumination tools, such as the flashlight, emergency candles and lanterns. You can’t really do anything without a bag, so make sure you get a hiking backpack, an ADC bag, and a bug out bag. Other important survival tools include an axe, a saw, a knife sharpener, nails, scissors, pliers, a hammer, some duct tape, multi-tool, a crowbar, paracord, and a plastic tubing.

Secondly, you’ll need a kit for making your own fire, because you can’t depend on nature every time. Even though you might know how to make fire by using just sticks and stones, you really ought to carry a kit. It includes a lighter and some lighter fluid, waterproof matches, firesteel, tinder, and a magnifying glass.

Thirdly, you’ll need to have some water on you at all times, and that is why the hydration kit is really important. It includes a water bottle, a canteen, a water bag, and some water purification items like bleach, water filters, or water purification tablets. Of course, you don’t have to carry all of these with you, but make sure you have at least some of them.

Then we come to the subject of thermoregulation, which is really important when it comes to survival in the great outdoors. When it comes to keeping yourself warm, you might consider getting a thermal blanket, a sleeping bag, as well as a butane/propane heater. It is also important to keep yourself protected against water, and you can do that by having a rain jacket, a poncho, and some rubber rain boots.

Nourishment is one of the top things when it comes to survival, and that’s why you ought to have the appropriate equipment with you. So, if you run out of food, you need to be prepared, and the best way to do that is to carry this equipment with you. If you wish to hunt something, you’ll need binoculars, snare wire, a slingshot or a crossbow, or a rifle. If you wish to do some fishing, you’re going to need a fishing rod, your bucket hat, lures and a fishing kayak. Make sure you also have some easily cooked food with you, like rice, energy bars, salt, canned food, etc. You’ll also need a can opener, a cooking pot, eating utensils, a pan and some aluminum foil.

A shelter is a really important thing when it comes to survival, but you can just as well use a tent if you’ve got one. It is also a great place to store all the things you need to keep you healthy, like the medicine or the first aid kit. Speaking of those, you’ll definitely going to need some medicine and especially the ones for the allergies you might have, for flu, and against pain. A hand-made first aid kit could also come in handy: it should include a sewing kit (which can also be used for sewing torn clothes), rescue shears, wound dressing, quick clot, iodine, and 50% alcohol solution.

In order to survive, you must find a way to some civilization, or at least, know where you’re going. That is the best way to get rescued. In order to do that, you’ll need to have a compass and a map, or a GPS device. You’ll also need to have a cell phone or any other communication device, and an extra battery for it. Getting spotted is something you need to be thinking about, and the best way to accomplish it is to bring some flares, whistles, signaling mirrors, or a personal locator beacon.

Depending on where you are, you’re going to need to be appropriately dressed. That is why you ought to have some wool socks, bandanas, tactical boots, a jacket, a pair of hiking boots and sunglasses.

If you’re dependent on the electrical devices you have on you, you’re going to have to make sure they keep running. That is why you ought to carry some extra batteries with you, a solar charger, an energy bank, or even an electricity generator. If you don’t want to

If you’re in a car struggling to survive in the middle of nowhere, you’re going to have to make sure that your car keeps running. So, you ought to have some jumper cables (also known as car jump starters), spare tires, cable ties, gasoline, oil, and a tire repair kit.

And finally, you might come across a person during your survival trip with whom you might engage in a trade. That is why it is important to carry some tradable goods with you, like some cigarettes, toilet paper, alcohol, or even gold and silver.

Can You Still Renew Your EHIC and What Does it Really Cover?

EHIC is an acronym for “European Health Insurance Card”, and is something that most people believe to be a must-have when travelling to or around Europe, but not many people actually know what it does and what it covers. We wish to explain it all to you, so that you’d know what the card does, and also to tell you what’s going to happen with it after the Brexit vote.

EHIC After Brexit

It is true that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU, but so far, this has not affected the EHIC, and everything is still the way it was before the referendum. Because the “leaving the EU” process cannot start until the UK starts implementing the famous Article 50, everything stays the same until that moment, and after that, it remains to be determined through discussions between the UK and the EU.

How to Apply for EHIC?

Applying for EHIC is extremely easy. All you have to do is go to the NHS website, and there find an application for EHIC. If you’re still not sure, be sure to checkout a service than can check and support your EHIC form application.

Where Can People Use EHIC?

Most of the people believe that this card allows them to have free medical care in the whole of Europe, but that’s hardly the truth. This card can only be used in the EU countries, as well as in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. Other European countries don’t accept EHIC cards!

What does EHIC cover?

EHIC can help reduce the cost of any kind of a medical emergency, be it a heart attack or an increased urge to visit your toilet, you need until the time comes for your return home. It allows you to get state healthcare identical to the healthcare any national of the country you’re visiting would get.

However, this does not mean that you’ll always get free healthcare. People need to learn that the medical care differs from one country to another, and the countries’ provisional state care regulations ought to be known. In Spain, for example, dental care is not free, and in France, you need to pay for a hospital charge in the amount of €18. Also, this card does not guarantee an ambulance ride to any of the state hospitals! Private hospitals still have to be paid, and EHIC only goes for the state ones, and it is also important to note that EHIC won’t help you that much with the medical repatriation.

EHIC Does Not Replace Travel Policies!

This is important to note, because the travel policies can help you with the repatriation, ambulance costs, and other things that EHIC does not help out with. Therefore, it is important to note that EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurances, you ought to have both!

Renewing the Card

The card needs to be renewed every 5 years, and you can do it through the NHS website. Check the date on your card, and make sure you renew it, because it won’t cost you anything, but could help out. This is especially important if you’re going to a country where the EHIC applies.

Benefits Of Outdoor Playsets For Children

outdoor-playset-kidsOne of the most useful and truly beneficial instruments of child growth and development are outdoor playsets. These are wide-ranging types of toys that are best described as playthings that are designed to be played with outdoors. These can include activity centers, playground sets, kiddie pools, and any other plaything that requires the luxury of space. If you are wondering what the benefits of these types of toys are, here are 4 of them.

  1. Encourages Physical Activity 

Outdoor playground sets are a fun way to help children increase physical activity. They can run, jump, skip, and hop as well as climb and crawl on the different structures of the playset. These help strengthen their heart and lungs making them more efficient in delivering oxygen. In turn, muscles are able to perform at an optimum so kids will have plenty of stamina to play all day long. Of course, children’s agility, flexibility, balance, and muscle coordination are also enhanced.

  1. Enhances Cognitive Development 

When children play outdoors, their imagination is in full gear. This is because outdoor playtime activities are very varied that everything can be open to interpretation and that everything actually depends on the kid’s imaginative abilities. It is through the use of his or her imagination that a child is able to enhance his or her cognitive abilities. Spatial reasoning are enriched as they attempt to understand the relationship of objects in space. Their problem solving skills are also greatly enhanced every time they try to think of different ways in which they could enhance their play. Other aspects of cognition that are essentially developed or enhanced by playing with outdoor playsets include rational and logical thinking, counterfactual reasoning, critical thinking, and divergent thinking.


  1. Enriches Social Interaction Skills 

Outdoor games and playtime activities are best enjoyed in the company of others. This helps children understand the value of forming social relationships and how to keep these relationships intact. They learn that by cooperating with other children, they get to accomplish whatever they set out to do. They also learn that if they coordinate and collaborate with their playmates and friends, they won’t experience any problem in the long run. This also gives them the opportunity to harness their language and communication abilities as they need to interact and communicate with others.

  1. Fosters Emotional Balance

It is without saying that being able to play to your heart’s content can surely bring a smile on your face and you feel lighter about things. The same thing is true with children. When they are allowed to play outdoors, they are a lot happier. There are no fixtures they can break and no furniture they can scratch. They can run as free as the wind. This provides the foundation for a happier and healthier self-esteem which can enrich their confidence in themselves.

Outdoor playsets like this are highly instrumental tools in helping our kids grow and develop to become stronger, smarter, more social, and more confident individuals. It would really help to get one for your child today.

Grooming Essentials and Backpacking and Camping


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 13.12.18

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One of the best parts of camping or backpacking is leaving behind the debris of civilized life-shaving kit, dental floss, comb, and deodorant. But, you have to face the truth that the great outdoors is buggy, griming, skin scorching, a minor quiver of personal care items could make the difference between sticking your tanned head in a river and enjoying the sunshine. From fighting blisters to parasites to body funk, these stuffs have got one covered. These grooming essentials are super lightweight and just weight five ounces and less than.

Sun Protection Lotion and Moisturizer

Although you never burn, do not underestimate the importance of moisturizer. Ultraviolet rays could be seriously damaging to the skin as they cause premature ageing as well as enhance the risk of developing skin cancer, that everyone want to keep away from. Pick the high factor SPF, and ensure you try it prior to buying. The last you need is a heavy, thick cream, which will clog the pores when you are sweating in the heat.

After Bite Cream

Even if the most careful backpackers or campers could get bitten or stung, after bite, cream handles both. Ammonia and baking soda neutralize burning and venom from ants, mosquitoes, bees as well as wasps while essential oil offers soothing relief. Are you trekking to the beach with the whole family? This product also works well on jellyfish welts; make sure to rinse it well with vinegar or seawater to get rid of the tentacles. You can buy this at the nearest drug store in your locality.

Spray Bandage

Scrapes, minor cuts as well as blisters are bound to occur in the backcountry. Use sprays bandage if you experience any of these. This gentle antiseptic destroys bacteria and then dries down to a flexible, thin as well as a waterproof polymer film which secures as well as seal broken skin. Not like the typical band aids, it will not grimy or soggy or fall off.


The development of technology at this point in time has made it possible for virtually each piece of hardware we utilize in our house is computer operated, which include shaver. Make sure you have this one in your grooming essentials to keep you look good and handsome. There are lots of the best electric shavers out there ensure to get one ideal to your needs.

Nose Hair Trimmers

What is more to shaver, nose trimmers must be included in your grooming essentials when travelling. A long hair that is sticking out of your nose is an embarrassing situation, so to look good while backpacking, you need to bring along a nose hair trimmer.

Compact Mirror

It is one of the most valuable essentials that should be in your grooming essentials. This allows you check your appearance and ensure that you are looking your best.

So, when you are planning on going backpacking or hiking this year, do not stress yourself much. Just follow these useful backpacker grooming essentials, a hammock, a camping headlamp and you will have the whole thing you want to stay handsome and presentable on your travels!

Hunting Knife Tips When Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an exciting adventure that many of us wanted to experience. Basically, it is dangerous especially when you are diving on a deep ocean. As a common action, divers bring equipment with them so that they can use it as safety diving tools. One of the common tools that you can see is a knife. Aside from the fact that it can help you underwater when you are tangled with the seaweeds or any other things down there, you also consider it as a hunting equipment for fishes and other living creatures. Try to consider the following tips when buying the best hunting knife that you can bring along:

  1. The Design and Color

When picking a good hunting knife, you can choose the one having a brighter color like orange, white, yellow, etc. Knives with brighter color is more visible as compared to the darker ones when you are underwater. It will be easier for you to spot the knife in case you accidentally drop it.

  1. The Knife Handle

The knife’s handle must perfectly fit to your hand. It must have an ergonomic style and design. A knife that fits perfectly will allow you to use it effectively when you are struggling with the hunting activity, especially when dealing with bigger and tougher fishes. A good handle is effective when the hand is exerting extra force underwater. A poorly designed knife handle cannot provide you satisfaction when you are hunting underwater. Primarily, you need to ensure that there is a perfect grip to make your hunting activity comfortable and easy using your hands.

  1. The Knife Weight

One big factor that you need to consider is the knife’s weight. You would probably want to have a heavy duty knife but is light to bring underwater at the same time. The hunting knives are usually made from titanium. Aside from the fact that titanium provides strength, durability and is light weight, it is also effective to use underwater for it cannot easily be attracted to rust brought by the strong saltiness of ocean water. It is the main reason why many are using and bringing this knife when diving and hunting underwater.

  1. The Blade and Durability

The blade of the knife is another factor that you need to check. It must be sharp, intended for hunting purposes. Dull knives are perfectly useless to use. The blade and grip must come in an equal length. In short, if your knife’s blade measures 5 inches, then the grip must be in 5 inches length too. In addition, knives must have high strength and high durability. This will allow you to use it effectively for hunting fishes underwater.

Consider those tips so that you will be guided in battling against the living creatures underwater. When diving, always secure your safety against unexpected things may possibly happen. Hunting knives can be used as a protective tool but it only has a limited function and cannot always give you the confidence that it can save you all the time.

The Best Manly Hobbies

It’s a man’s duty to have a hobby or even many hobbies in his life. But there are some hobbies that are better suited for men, and today we are going to explore them, so that you can get a better look at them and choose the one that better fits your likes.


Reading is one of the manliest hobbies out there, because it allows you to become a better man, because through books you can literally talk with great men like Napoleon, Churchill, Marcus Aurelius, Saint Agustin, etc. You can choose to read about a variety of topics from wine on the Twelve-By-Seventy-Five website or football books on your favourite player. Reading should be used as a medium to acquire a higher level of knowledge and conscious. If you want to get a hobby that will enrich your mind and spirit, you won’t do wrong if you choose reading.


Buying and selling, reviewing or just plain racing. A true petrol head is interested in it all. This hobby encompasses so much that it deserves its own article. You become part of a huge worldwide community full of variety and friendship. There is not a place on earth where car culture does not exist. If you happen to have a highly cherished car. We recommend Auto Vault Storage to every enthusiast. They’ll take care of your baby with the upmost care possible.


Carpentry is one of the most ancient activities, and can also be used as a hobby. What’s manlier than be able to build your own stuff with nothing but wood, your hands and a few tools? You can learn it by your own or sign up for a course, the point here is to learn the basics of carpentry so that you can progress on your own rhythm. Carpentry will teach you to be dedicated and focused on whatever you do, and after all: you will learn to build your own stuff with wood!


One of the manliest things out there is working out, but on this moment we are going to focus on calisthenics. If you want to feel stronger and more capable, then you need to learn to master your body, and calisthenics can be the perfect hobby for this. Calisthenics will grant you the strength, power and control you need to possess in order to have a fully functional body. And the best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or even space.


A tough and competitive industry to get involved in however the most millionaires have come from real estate. So if you prove your skills here, you’ll sure to be considered manly by anyone in your circle. Contact some great estate agents asking for help, we recommend Harlands an east London estate agent if you’re in the UK. You won’t be disappointed with harlands customer service.


Astronomy is another noble and manly hobby. Be amazed by our universe and let your curiosity explode, because this is what will drive you to explore and find answers for your questions. You can find communities online that are dedicated to astronomy, join them in order to know more about this fabulous hobby.

Learn a New Language:

Hola! Ciao! Hello! Hallo! Do I need to say more? A man should aim to speak several languages, because it allows you to know a culture a lot better. And the best part is that thanks to the internet you can learn a language from your own home. Just dedicate time to it and start learning. You will see that the more languages you learn, the easier it gets. It’s just a matter of commitment. You need to find a special interest in this if you want to progress fast.


Here you have several manly hobbies you can start practicing today. What’s holding you back? Exploit your real potential with the help of these hobbies, there’s a world full of opportunities waiting for you, start your own adventure today!

Taking Reading To The Next Level

One of the best hobbies out there is reading. Reading is also considered to be one of the manliest hobbies, because it allows you to enrich your mind and soul, and every man out there should have this as a priority, because a man is not solely made of bone and flesh, a man has a mind and soul that need to be enriched, and the best way to accomplish this is by reading lots of good books. Today we are going to tell you how you can take this noble hobby to the next level, so that you can get even more benefits.

Dedicate Yourself To It:

If you want to get the best benefits out of reading, then you need to dedicate a lot of your time to it. In fact, a lot of time is an exaggeration, with only 30 minutes a day you can reach excellent results, but if you do it for 1-2 hours, then the benefits will be even better.

Reading requires a lot of commitment from your part, and the more you do, the better results you will get. Principally because reading grants you access to excellent information, regarding you have selected good books. And this last sentence, will guide us to the next section of this article.

Choose Good Books:

reading-a-book-001A hobby should be practiced in order to enrich your life, and that includes reading. And the quality of this hobby will be defined by the books you read, that’s why you need to be very careful with your selection. You should read about great man’s life, for example, you can try to read about Napoleon Bonaparte’s life, a great book is The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte by Robert Asprey.

You need to enrich your life, every book should either teach you a skill or enrich your knowledge. The other day, I was reading about new-age home appliances. I wouldn’t know air conditioners are now portable if I hadn’t read that book!

Don’t waste your time reading pointless books, it’s just a waste of time. Reading should be done in order to bring your life knowledge and peace, and the unique medium to do this is by reading good books.

Add Some Music:

Correction: add some CLASSICAL music. Music with words can be really distracting. Classical music will make your reading time a lot more enjoyable, give it a try and you will experience it on your own skin. There many playlists available on YouTube, just search for them.

Take Notes:

Reading can be taken to the next level if you take notes. Because you need to analyze what you read, and the best way to do it is by taking notes, so that you can later analyze your notes in order to obtain the real substance of the book. Writing notes is something you must add to this hobby, because it will make you understand more about what you read, because you will be able to extract the more important passages of the book you can then translated to your notebook, so that you can refer to them anytime you want to.

Archery – One Of The Best Hobbies

Today in we have for you a new article, where we are going to explain you why archery is one of the best hobbies out there, and why you should start practicing it right now.

There are many hobbiesyou can choose to practice, but archery is a very special one – and we are going to tell you why it’s like that and why it’s one of the best hobbies on which you can invest your time. We guarantee that you will be blown away with this article, so stay here for a while and read it completely!


Archery is one of the best hobbies out there if you want to increase your focus. Because, in order to shoot the target correctly, you will have to put a lot of focus in this activity. Shooting a target with an arrow is a lot harder than you think, and the main thing that will define your success or failure in doing so is your focus. But don’t worry, the more you practice, the more focus you will build, and this will end up benefiting your life, because if you have more focus, then your productivity will be highly increased.


archeryIf you feel like your life is constantly in stress, then you need to do something about it fast, because stress can put you in serious problems. And one of the best hobbies to relieve stress is archery. Why? Because archery is exciting and something that you will enjoy to do, and as such, you will be able to relieve your mind from stress by solely focusing on this activity.

We all need to have a hobby to relieve stress and archery is a great pick. After all, what’s better than shooting a target with an arrow? You will feel really amazing, you will feel like a real life Robin Hood!


This is an obvious one, in order to progress in archery, you need to have lots of precision, and the more you practice, the more precise you will become – and this will add a lot of value to your life. Archery can benefit your life in many ways by relieving stress and helping you to develop more focus, but it will also allow you to build up precision – and that is golden, because precision is an important ability.


Archery is a very exciting hobby. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get started (checkout this best longbow guide from ShootingAuthority) , you can start with only $200, because that will cover the cost for a good bow, some arrows and targets. That’s all you need to get started, and of course, always consult online for better guidance, there are many blogs that are dedicated solely to archery. You can also motivate your friends to practice this, because archery becomes more exciting and entertaining when practiced in group, so encourage your friends and start the party! Because archery is interesting, exciting and entertaining!

Scuba Diving: A Proper Introduction

Welcome Sea Challenger!

Glad to see you here today our dear sea challenger! Are you ready to read another exciting article? Today we are going to talk about scuba diving, this exciting and quite entertaining hobby is pretty popular around the world, and if you want to discover its wonders, then you need to stay here and read. Of course, this article is more intended to newbies who are just getting started with this activity, and for those who want to give it a try – we will give you powerful reasons to give scuba diving a try!

Like a Fish!

Have you ever thought of the idea of what it feels like to breath under the water… just like a fish? If you want to discover the answer to this question of yours, or better said a curiosity, then you need to give scuba diving a try. You won’t regret it, because it will give you the feeling of being part of the sea, of being just another fish wandering around the almost-infinite ocean!

scuba divingScuba diving will give you plenty of freedom. If you want to feel the kind of freedom a fish feels, then you need to try this activity, as it won’t fail to amaze you and give you this quite unique experience and feeling. That’s why many people who travel to the Caribbean for example, want to try this activity, because this location is known for being excellent for people who want to give scuba diving a try.

Now you have understood that scuba diving is more like a magic experience – and we are not exaggerating about it. However, you can’t do it by your own, because it would be pretty dangerous and even stupid from your part, that’s what’s going to lead us to the next point from this article.

Join a Class

You have the possibility to join classes for beginners to expert fishermen who are interested in scuba diving, in these classes a teacher will take care of teaching you the basics of scuba diving, along with providing you with the gear that’s needed. Scuba diving is pretty exciting, but can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing – that’s why it’s primordial to have an instructor to logically instruct you on this sport, because if you do it by your own, you are just exposing yourself to a lot of unnecessary risk.

If you want to enjoy scuba diving while limiting danger at its max, then you have to spend as much time as it’s needed listening to your instructor and following his or her indications. This is by far the most important part of scuba diving, because those who lack of the essential knowledge are prone to suffering lots of accidents.


If you want to try scuba diving, then you should give it a try for sure. Just get a good instructor, some good gear and you will be able to explore and learn all about this beautiful and exciting hobby.

Becoming a Better Sailor

Come on Board Sea Challenger!

So you are here again! Glad to have around again. This time we are going to see how you can become a better sailor, because this is a passion for more than one out there, and you seem to love this activity, and you are doing the right thing by looking for help on how to become a better sailor… and guess what? We are going to help you with any refuse! We are here to help you, and that’s exactly what we are going to do with this article. So stay here and read everything we have to say.

The Role of Fitness

Just like with surfing, fitness plays a huge role in your activity as a sailor. You need to be top-notch at fitness if you want to be a better sailor. For some absurd reason people seem to think that you can be a great sailor without being that good at fitness – but that is wrong in so many levels!

You don’t have to be a fitness super start, but adding bodyweight exercises to your routine along with weightlifting will give you more power and strength, and this will be of great benefit for your sailing. Just consider yourself a Spartan in the combat of Salamis. You need to be a fearless and ready-to-fight warrior, that’s why you need to train hard and be ready for the challenge.

If you are up to date with your fitness you will be able to endure a lot of effort and remain for longer in the water. You will gain a lot more control over your boat, and this will of course make of you a better sailor. As we have seen you don’t have to do a lot of things in fact, just focus yourself on developing more strength and power and you will be pretty fine. Of course, adding more flexibility to this equation won’t do any bad!

The Right Boat

Just like with surfing, you need to choose the right boat for sailing. You need to choose a boat you are comfortable with, because you will have to go to the open sea with it. You need to have a boat that you are able of driving quite well and with full enjoyment.

There’s a saying that tells us that in order to become a great sailor you have to love your boat. And if you don’t love your boat, then you will end up hating it because it will greatly limit you as a sailor. You need to make of your boat your best friend, or even better: an extension of your body. You need to love it and understand it if you really want to become an excellent sailor.


So our dear sailor we have arrived to the end. If you want to become a great sailor, then you have to follow our advice and follow our recommendation on choosing a boat you really love.

Proven Ways to Improve Your Surfing!

What’s Up?!

Welcome our dear Sea Challenger! Today we are going to give you the best proven ways to improve your surfing! If you really want to become a better surfer, someone who can proudly stand out from the rest of brodas, then you will love this article because these tips and general advice will give you everything you need to become a better surfer. So if this is a real goal of yours, then this article is exactly what you have been looking for!

Just Get a Good Board!

surfing boardsOver and over again I have to hear, even from experienced surfers, which all that matters are skills – but they are so wrong dude! Of course, skills are the biggest part of the equation, but without a good board you are simply LOST! You need to get a good board and that’s a universal truth!

You need to keep trying till finally find a board that’s just perfect for you. Of course this will require time and even commitment from your part. Because the perfect board for you just won’t knock-knock your door – you need to make it happen, so start testing different boards and see which one is the right one for you.

It’s All About Flexibility

You don’t have to be a flexible as Jackie Chan, but for sure flexibility will help you a lot if you really want to become a better surfer. When you become more flexible, you gain a lot more powerful and free to do whatever you want with your body – and this is essential for surfing.

yoga-treeYou can practice Yoga in order to do this, or you can simply dedicate an hour of your day to waist training. You can even practice Muay Thai or Kick Boxing, and with this activity you will gain a lot of flexibility in the long term. And just on top of that, you will also gain more reflects and a lot more balance – which will make of you a better surfer!


Some dudes think that surfing is all about getting on the board and done deal – but that’s so wrong again! You need to build your fitness up if you want to be an above-average surfer. That’s why we recommended you to train one of those sports like Kick Boxing, but if you can’t do it, then you should try to incorporate weight-lifting to your routine, or just add calisthenics to your routine and that will do the trick.

Just Keep Your Stance!

If you want to be great at surfing, then you need to have a great stance while surfing. The perfect point for stance seems to be located at the far back on the tail. This is the stance which will grant you more speed and more control, but you have to learn how to dominate it. Of course, this can vary from board to board, so you have to experiment and find that’s the sweet spot for your own surf board.