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General Information

History of the Pontoon Boat

Mr. Ambrose Weeres, an American farmer, is credited with having invented the pontoon for leisure as we know it today. In 1952, in the small country town of Richmond, Minnesota, he thought of tying a wooden deck to two aluminium cylinders. He figured, and rightly so, that this would be more stable on a lake than a conventional boat.

Being in the land of 10,000 lakes, Mr Weeres thought his idea might have some potential to be marketed. He built a few units he was easily able to sell around him. His first pontoon was named “The Empress”. Since his invention was so successful, Mr Weeres founded his own company: “Weeres Industries”. Within a few years, his invention earned him the nickname “Mr Pontoon”. Mr Weeres past away in 1991, but his business lives on. Source: wikipedia

Pontoon Boat/Party Boat

Pontoon boats are also referred to as party boats and BBQ boats due to their large deck space and ability to carry more people than other boats of similar size, making then perfect for a party, BBQ, or family fun.