October 19, 2016

Can You Still Renew Your EHIC and What Does it Really Cover?

EHIC is an acronym for “European Health Insurance Card”, and is something that most people believe to be a must-have when travelling to or around Europe, but not many people actually know what it does and what it covers. We wish to explain it all to you, so that you’d know what the card does, and also to tell you what’s going to happen with it after the Brexit vote.

EHIC After Brexit

It is true that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU, but so far, this has not affected the EHIC, and everything is still the way it was before the referendum. Because the “leaving the EU” process cannot start until the UK starts implementing the famous Article 50, everything stays the same until that moment, and after that, it remains to be determined through discussions between the UK and the EU.

How to Apply for EHIC?

Applying for EHIC is extremely easy. All you have to do is go to the NHS website, and there find an application for EHIC. If you’re still not sure, be sure to checkout a service than can check and support your EHIC form application.

Where Can People Use EHIC?

Most of the people believe that this card allows them to have free medical care in the whole of Europe, but that’s hardly the truth. This card can only be used in the EU countries, as well as in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. Other European countries don’t accept EHIC cards!

What does EHIC cover?

EHIC can help reduce the cost of any kind of a medical emergency, be it a heart attack or an increased urge to visit your toilet, you need until the time comes for your return home. It allows you to get state healthcare identical to the healthcare any national of the country you’re visiting would get.

However, this does not mean that you’ll always get free healthcare. People need to learn that the medical care differs from one country to another, and the countries’ provisional state care regulations ought to be known. In Spain, for example, dental care is not free, and in France, you need to pay for a hospital charge in the amount of €18. Also, this card does not guarantee an ambulance ride to any of the state hospitals! Private hospitals still have to be paid, and EHIC only goes for the state ones, and it is also important to note that EHIC won’t help you that much with the medical repatriation.

EHIC Does Not Replace Travel Policies!

This is important to note, because the travel policies can help you with the repatriation, ambulance costs, and other things that EHIC does not help out with. Therefore, it is important to note that EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurances, you ought to have both!

Renewing the Card

The card needs to be renewed every 5 years, and you can do it through the NHS website. Check the date on your card, and make sure you renew it, because it won’t cost you anything, but could help out. This is especially important if you’re going to a country where the EHIC applies.