July 2016

Grooming Essentials and Backpacking and Camping


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One of the best parts of camping or backpacking is leaving behind the debris of civilized life-shaving kit, dental floss, comb, and deodorant. But, you have to face the truth that the great outdoors is buggy, griming, skin scorching, a minor quiver of personal care items could make the difference between sticking your tanned head in a river and enjoying the sunshine. From fighting blisters to parasites to body funk, these stuffs have got one covered. These grooming essentials are super lightweight and just weight five ounces and less than.

Sun Protection Lotion and Moisturizer

Although you never burn, do not underestimate the importance of moisturizer. Ultraviolet rays could be seriously damaging to the skin as they cause premature ageing as well as enhance the risk of developing skin cancer, that everyone want to keep away from. Pick the high factor SPF, and ensure you try it prior to buying. The last you need is a heavy, thick cream, which will clog the pores when you are sweating in the heat.

After Bite Cream

Even if the most careful backpackers or campers could get bitten or stung, after bite, cream handles both. Ammonia and baking soda neutralize burning and venom from ants, mosquitoes, bees as well as wasps while essential oil offers soothing relief. Are you trekking to the beach with the whole family? This product also works well on jellyfish welts; make sure to rinse it well with vinegar or seawater to get rid of the tentacles. You can buy this at the nearest drug store in your locality.

Spray Bandage

Scrapes, minor cuts as well as blisters are bound to occur in the backcountry. Use sprays bandage if you experience any of these. This gentle antiseptic destroys bacteria and then dries down to a flexible, thin as well as a waterproof polymer film which secures as well as seal broken skin. Not like the typical band aids, it will not grimy or soggy or fall off.


The development of technology at this point in time has made it possible for virtually each piece of hardware we utilize in our house is computer operated, which include shaver. Make sure you have this one in your grooming essentials to keep you look good and handsome. There are lots of the best electric shavers out there ensure to get one ideal to your needs.

Nose Hair Trimmers

What is more to shaver, nose trimmers must be included in your grooming essentials when travelling. A long hair that is sticking out of your nose is an embarrassing situation, so to look good while backpacking, you need to bring along a nose hair trimmer.

Compact Mirror

It is one of the most valuable essentials that should be in your grooming essentials. This allows you check your appearance and ensure that you are looking your best.

So, when you are planning on going backpacking or hiking this year, do not stress yourself much. Just follow these useful backpacker grooming essentials, a hammock, a camping headlamp and you will have the whole thing you want to stay handsome and presentable on your travels!