May 16, 2016

Hunting Knife Tips When Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an exciting adventure that many of us wanted to experience. Basically, it is dangerous especially when you are diving on a deep ocean. As a common action, divers bring equipment with them so that they can use it as safety diving tools. One of the common tools that you can see is a knife. Aside from the fact that it can help you underwater when you are tangled with the seaweeds or any other things down there, you also consider it as a hunting equipment for fishes and other living creatures. Try to consider the following tips when buying the best hunting knife that you can bring along:

  1. The Design and Color

When picking a good hunting knife, you can choose the one having a brighter color like orange, white, yellow, etc. Knives with brighter color is more visible as compared to the darker ones when you are underwater. It will be easier for you to spot the knife in case you accidentally drop it.

  1. The Knife Handle

The knife’s handle must perfectly fit to your hand. It must have an ergonomic style and design. A knife that fits perfectly will allow you to use it effectively when you are struggling with the hunting activity, especially when dealing with bigger and tougher fishes. A good handle is effective when the hand is exerting extra force underwater. A poorly designed knife handle cannot provide you satisfaction when you are hunting underwater. Primarily, you need to ensure that there is a perfect grip to make your hunting activity comfortable and easy using your hands.

  1. The Knife Weight

One big factor that you need to consider is the knife’s weight. You would probably want to have a heavy duty knife but is light to bring underwater at the same time. The hunting knives are usually made from titanium. Aside from the fact that titanium provides strength, durability and is light weight, it is also effective to use underwater for it cannot easily be attracted to rust brought by the strong saltiness of ocean water. It is the main reason why many are using and bringing this knife when diving and hunting underwater.

  1. The Blade and Durability

The blade of the knife is another factor that you need to check. It must be sharp, intended for hunting purposes. Dull knives are perfectly useless to use. The blade and grip must come in an equal length. In short, if your knife’s blade measures 5 inches, then the grip must be in 5 inches length too. In addition, knives must have high strength and high durability. This will allow you to use it effectively for hunting fishes underwater.

Consider those tips so that you will be guided in battling against the living creatures underwater. When diving, always secure your safety against unexpected things may possibly happen. Hunting knives can be used as a protective tool but it only has a limited function and cannot always give you the confidence that it can save you all the time.