May 1, 2016

Becoming a Better Sailor

Come on Board Sea Challenger!

So you are here again! Glad to have around again. This time we are going to see how you can become a better sailor, because this is a passion for more than one out there, and you seem to love this activity, and you are doing the right thing by looking for help on how to become a better sailor… and guess what? We are going to help you with any refuse! We are here to help you, and that’s exactly what we are going to do with this article. So stay here and read everything we have to say.

The Role of Fitness

Just like with surfing, fitness plays a huge role in your activity as a sailor. You need to be top-notch at fitness if you want to be a better sailor. For some absurd reason people seem to think that you can be a great sailor without being that good at fitness – but that is wrong in so many levels!

You don’t have to be a fitness super start, but adding bodyweight exercises to your routine along with weightlifting will give you more power and strength, and this will be of great benefit for your sailing. Just consider yourself a Spartan in the combat of Salamis. You need to be a fearless and ready-to-fight warrior, that’s why you need to train hard and be ready for the challenge.

If you are up to date with your fitness you will be able to endure a lot of effort and remain for longer in the water. You will gain a lot more control over your boat, and this will of course make of you a better sailor. As we have seen you don’t have to do a lot of things in fact, just focus yourself on developing more strength and power and you will be pretty fine. Of course, adding more flexibility to this equation won’t do any bad!

The Right Boat

Just like with surfing, you need to choose the right boat for sailing. You need to choose a boat you are comfortable with, because you will have to go to the open sea with it. You need to have a boat that you are able of driving quite well and with full enjoyment.

There’s a saying that tells us that in order to become a great sailor you have to love your boat. And if you don’t love your boat, then you will end up hating it because it will greatly limit you as a sailor. You need to make of your boat your best friend, or even better: an extension of your body. You need to love it and understand it if you really want to become an excellent sailor.


So our dear sailor we have arrived to the end. If you want to become a great sailor, then you have to follow our advice and follow our recommendation on choosing a boat you really love.