April 2016

Proven Ways to Improve Your Surfing!

What’s Up?!

Welcome our dear Sea Challenger! Today we are going to give you the best proven ways to improve your surfing! If you really want to become a better surfer, someone who can proudly stand out from the rest of brodas, then you will love this article because these tips and general advice will give you everything you need to become a better surfer. So if this is a real goal of yours, then this article is exactly what you have been looking for!

Just Get a Good Board!

surfing boardsOver and over again I have to hear, even from experienced surfers, which all that matters are skills – but they are so wrong dude! Of course, skills are the biggest part of the equation, but without a good board you are simply LOST! You need to get a good board and that’s a universal truth!

You need to keep trying till finally find a board that’s just perfect for you. Of course this will require time and even commitment from your part. Because the perfect board for you just won’t knock-knock your door – you need to make it happen, so start testing different boards and see which one is the right one for you.

It’s All About Flexibility

You don’t have to be a flexible as Jackie Chan, but for sure flexibility will help you a lot if you really want to become a better surfer. When you become more flexible, you gain a lot more powerful and free to do whatever you want with your body – and this is essential for surfing.

yoga-treeYou can practice Yoga in order to do this, or you can simply dedicate an hour of your day to waist training. You can even practice Muay Thai or Kick Boxing, and with this activity you will gain a lot of flexibility in the long term. And just on top of that, you will also gain more reflects and a lot more balance – which will make of you a better surfer!


Some dudes think that surfing is all about getting on the board and done deal – but that’s so wrong again! You need to build your fitness up if you want to be an above-average surfer. That’s why we recommended you to train one of those sports like Kick Boxing, but if you can’t do it, then you should try to incorporate weight-lifting to your routine, or just add calisthenics to your routine and that will do the trick.

Just Keep Your Stance!

If you want to be great at surfing, then you need to have a great stance while surfing. The perfect point for stance seems to be located at the far back on the tail. This is the stance which will grant you more speed and more control, but you have to learn how to dominate it. Of course, this can vary from board to board, so you have to experiment and find that’s the sweet spot for your own surf board.